Real Estate Development

Throughout the twenty years of operation in providing its customers with quality, reliability and the most modern properties, the Erel Group has gained the trust and loyalty of our valued customers. In the 21st century, our company is working under the mission of swiftly delivering its quality properties to clients at market competitive price.

Erel RED operates a full of scale Design and Planning Bureau, adding to the Erel RED team of experienced, talented, young professional engineers and technical staff.

Ever since the Design and Planning Bureau has established, it has been working efficiently and constructing high quality buildings by following construction design standards and norms, the country’s economic and social development flow.

Design and Planning Bureau is working under mission of establishing a new and innovative system, lead the the country’s construction sector and make a strong contribution to Mongolian society.

Design and Planning Bureau’s Activities:

  • Master Planning
  • Construction , architectural , structural and complex design
  • External and internal mechanical drawing
  • Budgeting

Our highly experienced and skilled employees provide complex solutions for the ongoing projects within the short time.

Complex solutions for the ongoing projects within the short time

Establishing a new and innovative system to lead construction sector

EREL’s Real Estate arm focuses primarily on developing EREL‘s portfolio of real estate assets (450.000m²), as well as managing the sales, rental and main-tenance of these properties.

Real Estate Development: Mongolia in general and Ulaanbaatar especially currently enjoy rapid economic growth, which is apparent from the increased construction activity throughout the capital. EREL’s large real estate portfolio as well as its extensive experience with construction materials (and construction itself) makes this segment one of the most important ones within the group. Ranging from premium residential communities to hotels and mixed-use sky-scrapers, coupled with international know-how in real estate development, EREL will help to improve Ulaanbaatar’s appearance and attract more visitors and inhabitants.

Products and services include:

  • Search of suitable locations
  • Portfolio of cost-effective industry and trade property
  • Project support and monitoring during realization phase
  • Support for infrastructure setup (water, wastewater, energy, heating) and connection to public transport infrastructure

Property Management:

This division provides services which deal with renting or selling real estate, providing security for specific locations and/or properties, and, of course, facility management and maintenance including infrastructural, technical and commercial facility management.