Sustainable Energy Solutions

Since 2015, Erel Energy LLC has been working to build the first Waste Incineration Plant in Mongolia to contribute to the Mongolian renewable energy sector by providing a reliable and socially responsible energy source to the Mongolian public. Our first flagship project not only ensures a green approach to energy production, but also tackles many social and environmental issues, including waste management, air, soil and water pollution, energy scarcity and health.

Waste Incineration Plant:

Ulaanbaatar’s unstructured growth with a population of ca. 1,2m (2012) exceeds
by far the planned capacity of 600.000. Infrastructural problems are not limited to, but include to a big part the subject of waste removal. Nomadic heritage in combination with vast and open landspace did not make waste collection and removal a top priority. Along with the city’s ambition to find a solution for the unstructured growth of the Ger Districts, EREL’s idea is to help establishing a model district built around a waste incineration facility. The project will be constructed in multiple stages and be modularly expandable.

Hydro Power Plant:

The aforementioned reasons drastically show Mongolia’s need for a new and sustainable energy solution. The hydroelectric project will both satisfy the increasing demand in energy as well as provide an environmental-friendly solution.

Electricity for 32 000 flats/households for the entire year

Heat for 25 000 flats/households the entire year