Beautiful view of the city and the mountains.


Total of 49 houses developed by the state-of-the-art construction technology and modern design, the Nomonkhan Place is a tranquil and peaceful gated community with fresh air and luscious green space.

The neighbourhood

  • 49 residencies of 159.15 sq.m
  • 2 commercial venues on the main road.
  • The English School of Mongolia, leading provider in Ulaanbaatar for genuinely English-style Education, will be managing and running the new Zaisan Pre-School.

Buildings consists
30% of total land

The complex includes a group of houses on the side of a mountain near Ulaanbaatar. The terraced set accompanies the steep slope of the terrain, coupling with the natural topography. The rooftops are covered with vegetation, integrating the architecture to the landscape of the mountain. It is structured from a central axis embodied in a stepped green square that climbs the mountain and articulates the perpendicular streets to become a place for community interaction. The complex also includes a kindergarten and indoor spaces for communal activities.

The terracing and distribution of the houses allows panoramic views, without interfering with each other. The garden roofs are accessible, becoming viewpoints to the mountains and the rest of the set. The houses are two-story duplexes. They have a lower level as a basement with bedrooms and parking space/garage. The higher level has a suite bedroom and a living-room with space for dining and an integrated kitchen. There higher level is surrounded by a terrace open to both sides.

This is a low-rise complex which minimises environmental impact. The construction respects the levels of the terrain without modifying the landscape. The layer of earth on rooftop collaborates with the thermal insulation of the houses. All the walls and slabs are prefabricated, avoiding the contamination of the environment during the construction process. The use of chimneys in the units collaborates with the heating. Rainwater is recovered for irrigation.

Construction process video

Phase 2 / July 18

Gross Floor Area per House:
159.15 sq.m (with 1 car garage)
172.42 sq.m (with 2 car garage)

Ulaanbaatar, Khan-Uul, 11 khoroo, Zaisangiin am


Connected infrastructure

– Well connected to city through paved road network
with low traffic
– Connected to the central sewer system.

ESM kindergarten

It offers high quality Early Years learning in a safe and healthy environment – with lots of fun and lots of English. The new Pre-School will provide classes across the Kindergarten range, from 2 to 5 year olds and jump start your child fully prepared into any English-based school.

Building design

– Efficient floor plan design
– Good ventilation and lighting from multiple directions
– All units have 2 terraces
– All units have garage and curbside parking

Green building

– Energy efficient design principles
– Energy efficient building technology
– Heat gain and loss minimized by roof terrace

Best views

Windows and terraces face beautiful viewы of the city
and the mountains.

Security checkpoints

Gated safe environment with 24/7 security.


Bogd Mountain

Located 8km from the city center at the hillside of Bogd mountain

Calm and Clean

Uniquely positioned as a getaway from the busy city life within a short drive from the city center

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