Engineering and Construction

Throughout the twenty years of operation in providing its customers with quality, reliability and the most modern properties, the Erel Group has gained the trust and loyalty of our valued customers. In the 21st century, our company is working under the mission of swiftly delivering its quality properties to clients at market competitive price.

Erel Group built more than 100,000 sqm development in Mongolia

Establishing a new and innovative system to lead construction sector

Upcoming projects

Nomonkhan Place
South of Zaisan Monument, MT.Bogd, Ulaanbaatar
Commercial Center
J.Sambuu street, Ulaanbaatar
Yarmag Valley
Morin toiruulga, Yarmag, Ulaanbaatar
Khuushin Multifunctional Complex
Yarmag, Ulaanbaatar


Tsaiz Eco Town
Bayanzurkh district, 19th khoroo of Ulaanbaatar
BUK-1 Showroom House
Inside “EREL” Headquarters
English School of Mongolia
Tokyo street, Ulaanbaatar
EREL 10th khoroolol
Bayan-Gol District, Peace Avenue, Ulaanbaatar
EREL-45 Multi Family Residence
Dund Gol str, Ulaanbaatar
EREL 28 family apartment
13th khoroolol, Ikh Toiruu str, Ulaanbaatar
Gandan Monastry – Dormitory
Inside Gandan Monastry, Bayangol District, Ulaanbaatar
Choijin Suites
CBD, 22 Jamyan Gun St, Ulaanbaatar
EREL – New Time town
Uguumur market, Ulaanbaatar
Single Family Housing
13th khoroolol, Ulaanbaatar
EREL 13th Khoroolol
13th khoroolol, Ulaanbaatar
EREL Olympic 32, 33
Olympic str, Ulaanbaatar