Current project

Waste Incineration Plant

The Waste Incineration Plant in Ulaanbaatar will be built in three phases with a combined capacity of 500 000 tons of waste processing per year to produce roughly 100 MW of energy. Erel Energy has made great progress in the implementation of the project, having acquired approval from the Scientific and Technological Committee of the Ministry of Energy, Special License for the Construction of an Energy Source from the Energy Regulatory Committee (ERC), approval of feed-in tariffs from ERC and signed PPA and HPA for the first of three lines.

The benefits of implementing this project are innumerable. Processing 500 000 tons of waste will generate:

• Electricity for 32 000 flats/households for the entire year
• Heat for 25 000 flats/households the entire year
• You save 650 000 tons CO2 equivalents per year
• Vastly improved waste management
• Notable decrease in air, soil, water pollution.