Cement Factory

The factory was established in 1968 with economic and technical help from Czechoslovakia. The factory has a production capacity of 185,000 tons of 42.5 mark Portland cement per year using a wet method. In September 1998, the company was fully privatized to EREL group. Since the privatization, EREL group has worked to ensure a smooth and steady operation of the factory and dedicated a steady flow of investment to the renewal of the technology and machinery, which has guaranteed the factory’s long-standing operation.

The factory continues to produce 42.5 mark Portland cement and contribute to the development of the country. In the future, we plan to switch to the new dry technology, to maintain our market leadership and be a trusted supplier to our customers and partners.

The factory is supplying 15 percent of the nation’s cement demand with pure ecological and safe products. Erel cement produces only high quality MNS 974-2000 standard, 400-450kg/cm2, water resistant Portland cement.

High quality MNS 974-2000 standard

42.5 mark Portland cement production