Brick Factory

Erel brick factory was privatized in 1998. In 2010 a fully automated factory, the first of its kind in Mongolia is opened featuring a tunnel kiln, drying chamber, pre-preparation and reserve of all necessary raw materials and machinery.

The factory now produces over 20 different variety of products all fulfilling the MNS-138-99 standard and quality higher than 150 marks, including whole bricks, holed bricks and brick blocks. The factory has a production capacity of 45,000,000 150-250 mark bricks per year and has created 250 jobs since its establishment.

The factory is the first to successfully test and implement the tunnel kiln method in Mongolia, improving the quality of bricks to 150 marks and bringing local construction industry to new standards.

High quality MNS 974-2000 standard

42.5 mark Portland cement production