“Erel” LLC recieved the “Letter of Confirmation”

“Erel” LLC participated as a candidate in the selection process for a “Project Implementer” for 2 plots of the Urban Regeneration Project, (1) Chingeltei District 9,10,11th khoroos (37.9 ha) and (2) Chingeltei District 7,8th khoroos, Bayangol District 11th khoroo (27 ha), by the “Ger District Development Authority”, an Implementation Agency of the City Governor. Following successful negotiations and conclusion of contracts with over 75% of the residents “Erel” LLC received the “Letter of Confirmation” on September 29th, 2014, by the decision of the Ulaanbaatar Citizens’ Representatives Hural.

With long standing experience in Mongolia’s construction sector from 1994, “Erel” LLC is making an invaluable investment in the sector’s growth and development of the country by upgrading its award winning Prefabricated Housing Plant-1 (PHP-1) to German technology from EBAWE GmbH. PHP-1 has built 80% of Ulan Bator’s buildings in XX-th century and was awarded the “Medal the Ulaan Tug of Labour”.

The modern technology of the plant allows for multiple constructions steps to be executed at once, producing walls with top grade insulation; installed windows, doors, plumbing-electrical channeling and a selection of facades. Construction costs can be decreased due to the elimination of seasonal (weather) restriction that traditionally limited the construction season to 4-5 months a year.

Through the implementation of the “Urban Regeneration Project” on the above 2 plots, soil and air pollution of capital city will be decreased and 1020 households will have the opportunity to move from the ger district to modern, convenient and high quality apartments with central infrastructure and improve their living standards.

If you are a resident of the above areas and have not yet concluded a contract with “Erel” LLC, please contact 11-344-464 for further information on the project.